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We hope that the Herbs for Healing website meets the majority of accessibility guidelines. We are constantly striving to maintain and improve the standard of the content and ensure that it is accessible to the widest possible audience.

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If you find the text on the website illegible you can increase the text size in your browser settings. For example if you are using Internet Explorer go to View > Text size and then select an appropriate text size (e.g. Larger or Largest).

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If the combination of text and background colours on the site causes problems with legibility these can be changed within your browser settings. For example if you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility, select 'ignore colours specified on web pages'. After this you can adjust the colours by unticking the 'use windows colors' box and picking replacement colours.

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You can download the free 'Browsealoud' speech browser by clicking here. When you have Browsealoud installed on your PC, you can scroll your mouse over text on our site, and Browsealoud will read and speak what is written. Browsealoud has many other features aimed at making website navigation easier.

My Web, My Way
For more information about accessibility, please visit the BBC's My Web, My Way site, which aims to provide tools and understanding to enable more people to make the most of the world-wide web. click here.

Accessibility to Turnworth Herbal Practice
Since the herbal practice is in a small village - without a bus service - a car is a must. However, Luzia is happy to arrange home visits if no transport is available. If you can make it to the clinic, wheelchair access is provided.

you can pay for your order by cheque, postal order, or securely online via credit or debit card. At this time, we can only process payments within the UK. For secure UK credit card payments, we have linked up with Nochex, which is an online payment system that enables individuals to send money for FREE using their UK debit/credit card. All sensitive financial information is stored securely on Nochex servers. Nothing is held on the herbsforhealing website.

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