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Written for, and sometimes published in, the local media, by Luzia Barclay DBTh MIRCH (registered medical herbalist)

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Treating children naturally for common illnesses

Article for paper: The Western Gazette Jan 07.

Local herbalist warns about the overuse of antibiotics and offers opportunities to learn about natural alternatives.

"We know that the increasing use of antibiotics is leading to the buildup of resistance," says Luzia Barclay, registered medical herbalist.

"Evidence is now mounting about their link to rises in child asthma and allergies."

Antibiotics work by altering the body's balance of gut microbes.

This can prevent the immune system from distinguishing between harmless and harmful substances.

"The good news is that children respond very well to natural and herbal remedies, which support and strengthen their immune systems."

Luzia runs regular half-day courses on effective natural remedies for children.

See www.herbsforhealing.org.uk/courses or call 01258 456223

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