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Fight 'Swine Flu' the natural way
Panic over Swine Flu could lead millions of people into taking anti-viral drugs such as Tamiflu needlessly, says registered medical herbalist Luzia Barclay DBTh.

But there is a natural way to help fight the virus, says Luzia, who practices in the tiny Dorset village of Turnworth.

"Swine Flu in the UK is currently a mild to moderate condition for most people. The most important defence is boosting your immune system. A strong immune system will help shield you against bacterial and viral infections. There are some well-researched and effective natural remedies which help to do this."

"Nature provides us with a range of natural remedies to help fight any viral infection. Garlic, Echinacea, Propolis and Garden Thyme have been used by generations of people to fight flu-like infections.

"Garlic is a powerful natural anti-viral food and medicine, a natural antibiotic with anti-viral properties too. Its volatile oils end up in the respiratory system via the blood stream and help to clear the infection.

"The plant Echinacea and the bee product Propolis will stimulate your body cells into producing interferon - a powerful natural anti-viral.

"Garden Thyme is an effective remedy for respiratory complaints and helps to prevent secondary infection."

"All the mentioned natural remedies can be taken in combination to enhance their effects. They can be taken both as a preventative measure and as treatment to speed up recovery by people of all ages. The products are safe and have been extensively researched in many countries.

"Plenty of water, fruit juice and rest will do wonders to aid your recovery and result in a stronger immune system longer term," she adds.

Luzia also recommends that those with Swine Flu should best avoid Paracetamol, or any temperature suppressing medication because high temperature is an important anti-viral and anti-bacterial tool. If temperatures become dangerously high though, Paracetamol can of course be taken.

Preventing the spread of flu through handwashing and using tissues should be exercised in conjunction with the above advice.

Always seek the advice of a doctor or registered herbal practitioner if in doubt.

For more information about Garlic, Echinacea, Propolis and Garden Thyme, follow the links in this website, or call Luzia on 01258 456223.

Luzia Barclay features as Resident Herbalist for BBC Radio Solent's The Good Life programme with Georgina Windsor, on Sunday 26th July (between 12-2pm).

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