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News Update from The Lancet: "Echinacea Works"

Echinacea ‘can prevent a cold’

News has been released by The Lancet Medical Journal showing that Echinacea “decreases the risks of catching a cold by more than 50%.”

This news has been welcomed by our registered medical herbalist Luzia Barclay. She explains why this news is so important:

“I am delighted to hear that scientific research confirms that Echinacea is very effective in preventing an infection and that it speeds up the recovery time,” says Luzia, “in one study the researchers, led by Dr Craig Coleman from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy even found that Echinacea taken together with vitamin C reduced the chances of getting a cold by 86%.”

So, how does Echinacea work?

“We know that bugs in form of bacteria and viruses are everywhere. It is particularly when we are run down that we are more likely to get colds and flu. Children bring all sorts of bugs home from school, bugs in form of bacteria and viruses are everywhere.

“Extensive research has been carried out - since the 1930s - in Europe into the chemistry, actions and medicinal benefits of Echinacea.

“Echinacea works by interacting with the immune system. It increases the power of the white blood cells in their ability to find and destroy invading bacteria and viruses by about 30 to 40%.

“It also increases the sheer number of white blood cells.

“Echinacea has powerful anti-viral properties because it stimulates the body cells to produce more interferon. This substance is essential for detecting and fighting viral infections.

“Taking Echinacea strengthens out immune systems – it really works.”

BBC News today quoted Professor Ronald Eccles from the University of Cardiff saying the work was “a significant step in the battle against the common cold”.

He also added “Harnessing the power of our own immune system to fight common infections with herbal medicines such as Echinacea is now given more validity with this interesting scientific evaluation of past clinical trials”.

That’s great news.

For more information about Echinacea, for advice on its use or to get hold of it, visit the Products pages, or email Luzia Barclay on info@herbsforhealing.org.uk, or telephone 01258 456223.


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