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Herbs for healing trainingTraining courses with Luzia Barclay give you the chance to learn more about herbs and herbal medicine.

There are courses to cover a wide range of topics.

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Vouchers from Herbs For Healing

Hands on courses like "make your Own Creams, Capsules and Teas" provide an excellent opportunity to have a go at making your own!

Find out which herbs in your garden or nearby countryside can be used to make creams that are great for your skin. Never again worry about endless lists of ingredients when you know what went in the jar!

making capsules making creams

Learn the art of capsule-making. This is ideal for herbs in powder form, such as Gingko Biloba, Fuller's Earth and Turmeric.

Find out which herbs you can drink, and how to get the most benefits from them.

making tea

To find out more, call Luzia Barclay on 01258 456223 or email. If you know which course you'd like to go on, APPLY ONLINE here.

We look forward to seeing you next time.

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