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In Nature as in the human gut, biodiversity is essential for health.

Antibiotics can save lives, no doubt about that. Using antibiotics however, leads to bacterial resistance, a problem that we are frequently warned about. As a result, medical people are instructed to use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.

Bacterial resistance leads to the creation of ‘superbugs’ that are not e ...
Why there are plenty of reasons to respect the good old nettle!

If any plant should be called a superfood, the stinging nettle deserves that title.The nettle does not require a botanical description because I very much doubt that anyone, anywhere, not least in Europe, is unfamiliar with this species.

Some may dislike it, see it as a nuisance, and resort to weed-killers, whilst others activel ...
June last year saw the first international propolis conference take place in Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Scientists and researchers from all over the world presented their results.

There were speakers from Brazil, Moscow, New Zealand, Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Japan, etc.

The two day conference turned out to be highly informative and it was amazing to see how much research is being ...
There are many reasons for gathering and eating wild garlic or ramsons, as it is also known.

An old English proverb says:

Eat leeks in Lide (March) and ramsons in May.
And all the year after the physicians may play.Wild garlic grows abundantly throughout the UK and also in Wiltshire.It prefers woods with semi-shade and moist conditions. In many areas it forms a dense carpet and can be inv ...
There are lots of great remedies that can help children recover from all sorts of common illnesses. Here are a few of my favourites.

Fennel tea is a very effective, safe and gentle natural remedy for small children who suffer from colicky pain.

It calms and relaxes the digestive tract and has anti-spasmodic properties.

In older children fennel tea can ease symptoms of irritable bowel s ...